No Compromise

No compromises are necessary. You can upgrade cabling and electrical systems, new technology solutions can be accommodated; individual and team work areas can easily be built to any exact specification. New fabrics, paints and laminates allow you to meet any design style or color palette.

Conserve Resources

Cubicle recycling also conserves natural resources.  Reusing the quality core components dramatically extends the usable life of resources already in circulation, aluminum, steel, plastics, woods and fibers. It is estimated that for each pound of core parts reused, five to nine pounds of original raw materials are conserved.

The labor and energy required to alter an existing product during remanufacturing is 80-90% less than required when manufacturing new components.

Recycling the average cubicle saves over 400 pounds of solid materials from the landfill.

High Quality Core Components

Modular office workstations can last literally hundreds of years. The fundamental design and structure of these cubicles don’t break down or wear out. In fact, the main areas of wear and tear from normal use are all superficial; stains, fraying, chipping, scratching and adhesive failure.

The panels, hardware and hard surface components wear a little. Most real wear and tear is in the surface finishes; fabric becomes stained and frayed, metal components scratched and chipped worktops scratched and nicked. 



We have over 28 years of experience providing recycled solutions for office workstations. We have worked with every major brand and know how they are built and how well they work.

Cubicle recycling is sustainable with the remanufacturing process providing an as-new result at substantial cost savings.  

Save 70%

 Reuse your organizations own product and you will save big money when you recycle instead of buying new. You can expect to save close to 70%.

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