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Reconfiguration Labor

         According to a national estimate, for most organizations, existing workstations are rearranged every 16-18 months.  Staff growth, changes in procedures, new technology or downsizing require changes to the way organizations use their office space.  Whether you are a small business or a large one, we have the services to help when you need it.

Move Services

When you are moving we can provide the trucks, equipment and expert manpower to dismantle, move and transport your offices to the new location.Type your paragraph here.

If you have small project that just needs repairs, or you are moving a multi-floor operation, we have the trained staff to provide the labor to fullfilll your requirement 

Furniture Delivery and Installation

 We have the right equipment and expertly trained staff to pick-up, transport, assemble and install all types of office furniture.    


Furniture Repair and Cleaning

Eventually, just normal usage will take its toll on your office furniture. That's why we provide cleaning, refurbishing and repair services for all types of office furniture.

Most servicing can be done on-site, but if the job does require that we bring your furniture to our facilities, we can provide you with interim furniture at a low cost.Type your paragraph here.