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Combining these facts with growth projections will give you a basic blueprint. This blue print becomes the foundation for your move.

A workflow analysis is then matched up to provide an understanding of the critical issues and other space requirements. We focus on how you can use the new space to enhance the operations not merely support them.

We provide a unique combination of high-quality products, professional services and the specific experience to help you evaluate, plan and aquire high-performance facilities that work, on-time and on budget.  All of our resources are available to your organization as you need them---use just one service or all. 

Interior Design

Whether your staff is creative and collaborative needing a highly interactive open workspace or knowledge-based professionals needing privacy, a properly designed and furnished space will not only support the operations giving you greater productivity, it will also help you hire and motivate your target staff. It can inspire confidence in your customers and help state your brand.  

                 Recycling Programs

We can recondition and upgrade your existing office furniture and cubicles.  Restoring older parts, refinishing pieces to look like new, upgrading electrical and data support to accommodate the newest technology and changing business strategies.  We change colors of fabric, paint, laminate and wood to meet current styles and the newest trends in interior design giving you a workspace that will enhance operational productivity.  We can resize and adjust cubicle parts making tall panels short, adding upper glass elements.  Many solutions can be produced for LEED compliance.

Strategic Planning

Good strategic planning will define key performance criteria, identify concerns, fairly evaluate options and deliver extraordinary results, keep you from overpaying and avoid costly errors.  Whether you need simple or sophisticated, Green Cubicles' professional services provides a seamless, coherent, coordinated solution to your organization’s unique needs.

Asset Valuation

With a future plan we can help you evaluate the viability of reusing your existing furniture assets including cost comparisons and any recommended upgrades. For the pieces that don’t fit the new space we can provide liquidation options.

 We can help you translate your business growth into functional space requirements so your organization can continue growing without a drop in momentum caused by running out of space.

 If you are down-sizing these evaluations make even more sense, giving you key insight into which assets and processes to keep and which to reduce or eliminate. 

Workplace Assessment

A thorough review of the existing operations, the existing space usage and its effectiveness will show the areas that are supporting the operations well and those where key changes will improve productivity.


Furniture Restoration and Repair

Renew and restore your existing high quality furniture and cubicles.  Repaint metal, refinish wood, reupholstery and re-laminating makes the furniture look and work like new again.Your existing furniture can be modified and customized. We can upgrade electrical, custom fabrication to fit tricky floor space restrictions like cutting around columns or resizing components to change their function or space requirements to integrate technology into the furniture for function and elegance.


Space Planning Options

You get various floor plans for each space under consideration showing the many ways your operations will fit into each space. You can also get layouts to help you accommodate your growing staff within the current space. You will get the kind of information that allows you to think through the choices you will ultimately need to make ahead of time.  

Project Management

We can assist you throughout the project’s various phases by managing the gathering of the organization’s requirements and work flow process, translation to a space plan, interior design services to provide professional work environments, project scheduling, furniture selection, budget evaluations, furniture procurement construction management, move management including follow-up services to fine tune the facilities.